Week 5: Is Social Media Destroying Society?

Egan (2016) defines Social Media as “Social media-groups of people who use the Internet”. I am currently registered with Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress and Snapchat. I am only using Facebook and Snapchat on a daily basis. I use Facebook to keep up-to-date with what’s happening around the world, connect with family and online friends. I mostly use it as an entertainment tool and I do worry about my privacy. I do not share very personal details on Facebook nor do I rely on Facebook’s security measures, and I filter my posts myself. I have posted some photos and statements on Facebook previously and it has only resulted in regret. Facebook can be a very emotionally charged place and I feel like it creates a trance-like state for us humans. We do not think but just ‘do’ on social media sometimes. Notwithstanding the privacy issues, I do not agree that social media has destroyed society; if anything it has created opportunities that did not exist before. I like the fact that you can get instant updates from across the world, especially news that affects humans globally.

Customer retention is a valuable goal for any business. Khan (2010), outlines the idea of Churn customers, referring to them as the customers that leave your service or company over time. It discusses the algorithms companies use to retain current customers over new customers. Retaining current customers is less expensive as the company has all details of their behavior and can provide them with incentives if they opt to leave.  Along this line, social media has the power to collect personal details and provide these companies with audiences they can directly target. Facebook for example uses advertising to make millions of dollars and consumers such as myself do not realize that every click means something.

Is this destroying society by only exposing certain videos, images or articles to the user? Is it creating our personalized reality where we fail to see other people’s point of view? I was very interested in discovering if users of social media or Facebook check the reliability of the news they see. I discovered that 57.9% of surveyed persons checked the reliability of news they watched, and 42.1% did not. It is scary to think that so many people are not checking the authenticity of posts on Facebook.


When users of social media were asked if social media has destroyed society, 68.42% disagreed and 31.58 % agreed that it has. It shows that the majority of users are happy to use social media as it is and do not worry about its negative effect on society.


Social media users should be keenly aware of how they share their personal information and ensure they like a wide variety of perspectives and views. This will ensure they have a well-rounded perspective on topics of interest.

To see full results of the survey please click on the following link:



Reference List

Egan, Elizabeth 2016, ‘Week 5 Lecture Is Social Media Destroy Society’, Griffith University, Brisbane, Semester 2, 2016.

Khan, A., Jamwal, S. and Sepehri, M 2010,  Applying Data Mining to Customer Churn Prediction in an Internet Service Provider. International Journal of Computer Applications, 9(7), pp.8-14



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